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Conference Attendee Management Via QR Code

Do you have an upcomng conference? Avoid the hassle of paperwork and registration forms and let us offer a solution for you.
Get a system do the manual work for you and manage check-ins via QR codes.

At TechBiz Programmers KE, we offer conference registration web system and conference registration management during the conference event. The conference registration management system incorporates use of unique QR codes to identify attendees during the conference.

The web solution is a website designed for the conference which will have an attendee registration form and payment online. After successful registration, attendees will be offered tickets with unique QR codes for check-in during the conference. We will design the name tags with the unique QR code for each attendee to be placed on the lanyards.

During registration, we will avail personnel to manage the onsite registration and scan attendees QR codes for check in. At the end of each day, a report in csv format will be generated from the system for those who attended the conference session. A list of all attendees will also be generated at the end of the conference.

In the event that a website and conference registration is already catered for, we will provide our own system for use whereby, the registered attendees will be transferred from the registration system and uploaded on our system for QR code generation. We will then design the name tags with the unique QR code for each attendee to be place on the lanyards.


Advantages of using the conference attendee management solution

  • Ease of conference registration – avoid the hassle of paperwork and forms and let the system do the manual work for you.
  • Get real time data of attendees.
  • Manage check-ins via QR codes – we will avail scanners to ensure check ins are captured in an efficient manner.
  • Send certificates and/or CPD tokens to attendees via the system at the end of the conference.
  • Manage conference registrations with ease.
  • Manage sessions/break-out rooms attendance with ease

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